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About Thays "Hot Mama" Franca

Hi, I'm Thays (pronounced Ta-eese), but my clients and friends call me “Hot Mama". My nickname only begins to paint the picture of my spicy, energetic personality. I'm originally from Brazil, and I fell in love with art at the age of 3 when I first started coloring and drawing. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Sao Paulo at the age of 19 and then promptly moved to the USA to learn English. 15 years later, I'm still here and I own an art gallery and studio in sunny Ormond Beach, Florida. I took the town by storm, earning the Daytona Beach News Journal’s coveted ‘Top 40 under 40’ award, my first year in Ormond.

If you're lucky enough to visit the paradise that I live in, you'll find my art on display in some of Ormond's most popular restaurants, bars and shops. If you're really lucky, I might even be there painting in person!

When I'm not painting another masterpiece of my own, I'm teaching students how to paint at my Masterpiece Mixers Art Studio on Granada Blvd. One of my claims to fame is that I pioneered the ‘Paint-Your-Pet’ class concept that has spread nationally.


My creative mind is always working. After two consecutive years of damaging hurricanes in Florida, I decided to turn destruction into art by collecting damaged fences, docks, etc.… and then crafting them into ‘hurricane wood’ frames and canvasses, to use for many of my paintings. I figured it was a great way to reclaim and recycle as well as share a piece of hurricane history with my clients. 


I also paint commissioned work for clients as well as wall murals at private homes, local businesses, schools and government facilities. I recently painted an 8 foot tall by 38 foot long mural on the conference room wall at the Daytona Beach Public Works Department that contained scenes from the city. 


I believe that creativity is allowing your mind to make mistakes and that art is knowing which ones to keep. Many people even consider my trademark signature to be a work of art.

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