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Pet Portraits

I absolutely love my furry friends. I've got a Dachshund named Rascal and a cat named McLovin (because he's Super Bad)! These two guys bring me so much joy.


I love to bring joy to other people by commemorating their pets with art. I've found that a pet portrait makes a great gift for a pet lover on any occasion. It is also a great way to honor and memorialize a dearly departed pet. 

All I need is a clear photo of your pet and a background color preference and canvas size selection from you. I do the rest and bring your pet to life on canvas. 

Contact me to start the process now. 

If you love color as much as you love your pet, you may want to opt for a pop-art style pet portrait. 

Pop-art uses a multitude of colors to add a vibrant style to your pet's appearance by replacing the actual colors of your pet's fur with an array of different colors as well as a multi-colored background.

Please check out a few examples of pop art (to the left) and below before deciding whether you would like traditional or pop-art style. 


I offer a variety of canvas sizes and frames. Please contact me directly to inquire about painting your pet. 


Nothing dresses up a wall like a custom mural. I can take a plain, white, boring wall and bring it to life with a few abstract splashes of color - or I can paint a detailed design of your choosing. I work in acrylic medium, which is durable, affordable and has minimal odor from paint fumes. 

Murals work great just about anywhere in the home, including nursery rooms, hallways, bedrooms, garages, man-caves, lady-lairs and even exterior walls.

Contact Me to discuss your project and pricing. 

To the right is an example of a charity job I did for PACE school for girls in Ormond Beach, FL. This painting was done in acrylic by finger-painting. It was a fun project that cheered up the foyer of this awesome school. 

Murals are a great for commercial applications because they can convey your brand image, or display a menu, a list of your services, your mission statement or just motivational quotes.

This particular mural to the left was done at the Wild Rabbit Cafe in Ormond Beach, FL. It was meant to be a humorous conversation piece as well as a backdrop for people to take 'selfies' in front of, then post to their social media, tag themselves and check-in to the restaurant. It has turned out to be a great marketing campaign and quite the talk of the town as well! 

Custom Canvas

I can paint almost anything you like in acrylic on canvas and I can ship almost anywhere as well. I can create a collage of multiple canvases or create a canvas to fit your space. Just contact me and let me know what you like and what size you need. 

Other Stuff

I love exercising my creative talent. I can paint on just about anything. I've painted on glass, rocks, doors, windows, signage, etc... My creations can decorate and change the vibe in your home or office. 


Let's chat about your needs and desires and together we will create a work of art. 

Contact me to start beautifying your space.

Make-up Art

Possibly the most beautiful canvas of all is the human body. That's why I love doing face and body painting for special events and costumes.

I'm for hire for birthday parties, festivals and other special events. And I don't just paint, I entertain while I create art! 

Contact me to discuss your needs. 


Halloween is the most obvious reason for body art, but think about sporting events, themed parties, and other special events as well... Show your team spirit or your personal uniqueness.

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